Come As You Are


beautiful post.
your style is amazing.
keep in touch Sarah.
Nicola freshONpr
fatto....a prestissimo allora.
Nicola freshONpr
Melinda hat gesagt…
die taschen sind von urban outfitters und hm... ich glaube topshop :)
DIANA DYE hat gesagt…
Such an inspirational post!! this video is awesome I love it thanks!!

Have a wonderful weeknd!♥
johanna hat gesagt…
Cindy hat gesagt…
wow sie ist so hübsch
rebecca hat gesagt…
i love abbey lee! the video's fantastic and dreamy (:
magdalena hat gesagt…
how strangely beautiful are those 2 girls???i admire them!!!
ParisiannSkies hat gesagt…
abbey is simply amazing!
Collette Osuna hat gesagt…
Just found your it!!!
Debora hat gesagt…
Hello girl :)
Thank you for your lovely comment in my TokyoBlondes !
Yes I know you're Swiss ^^ we have already talk once :D and this is cool !

For the fashion days you don't need any invitation but you need to buy a ticket but I don't know for what !
I read this in the official website :
Sichern Sie sich jetzt Ihre Tickets für ein unvergessliches Erlebnis bei, dem Official Ticket Partner der Charles Vögele Fashion Days Zurich.

But sadly there aren't any other informations about it ! Anyway I think it's free because it's opened for everyone ;).
If you want you can ask more informations here :

Hope I helped you ^^ and please visit again my blog and let me know everything about if you will go there :)
fledgling hat gesagt…
abbey lee is perfection!

maxwell conrad
minnja hat gesagt…
so stunning great!!! Ich liebe das Video

MT Days & Nights hat gesagt…
love your blog!

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