My Dream: Paris

My never ending dream is to go to PARIS!

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Sry for the lack of outfit posts, but when I come home from school it's already dark out.


Claudia Montanari hat gesagt…
Lovely blog!
I follow you!
follow my blog if you like it!
Camilla hat gesagt…
Paris is with no doubt one of my fav. cities!
so classy and romantic!

the picture is awesome!
I'm following you ;)
SophieSweetVintage hat gesagt…
Paris is amazing! Lovely picture :)
Basilia hat gesagt…
i'll be there in 2011! so excited! :)
BARESTUDY (Janelle) hat gesagt…
paris is such an awesome place to visit especially if you like art. i wish i had a bigger luggage limit when i went there so i can bring awesome dresses and take pictures there like the one you posted. haha
Chelsea Lane hat gesagt…
I dream of paris too :) someday! it would be absolutely a dream

Luci Ana hat gesagt…! love the pic!
Larissa hat gesagt…
ooooh dieses Bild ist sooo süss... hab ich auch mal im weiten www gefunden. Süsser Blog hast du!

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