London and Florence is booked!

In the end of September I'm going to Florence (Italy) with my class for 5 days but I will stay 3 days longer with my friend E. I heart so much lovely things about this city and I'm curious about it. :)




Then one and a half week later on October I'm going to LONDON!! I'm so excited then I wanted for so a long time now to visit London. And so a dream comes true. :)




Have you been in one of these cities before?


Flo. hat gesagt…
Lovely picture's!I've been in Londen, a long years ago !xoxox
SLF hat gesagt…
oh viel spass, tönt super und nach london geh ich auch baaaald :D :D
devorelebeaumonstre. hat gesagt…
pretty photos. x

p.s. I'm having a giveaway for a $225 Orient Watch if you'd like to check it out. x
The October Issue hat gesagt…
there is a slight chance that I may visit London in the summer,my friend has family & we want to see the olympics

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