Ciao Firenze!

From today on I'm in Florence (Italy) for one week with the school!
I missed Italy sooooo much and I'm so happy to be there for one week and also because the weather casters says 30degress!!! :) (nothing like this cold switzerland). And for sure also because I'm half italian and my heart always beats for this wonderful country!

So stay stuned for an overload of photos! ;)

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Have a nice week my lovely followers.

Love Sarah


Anja hat gesagt…
so es gails foti :)

<3 anja
I V Y hat gesagt…
that is one gorgeous photo!

xo zebra and meerkat
Statement of Fashion hat gesagt…
Wow! beautiful!
Lena hat gesagt…
Oh das Bild ist wirklich wunderbar!! :)

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