got2b hairspray

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got2b sent me this amazing "extreme freeze hairspray glued".

It promises a ultimate hold until you wash your hair for the next time!
And yes, it's definitely true then my brother and I tried it.
I asked him to try it, too beacause I rarely use hairspray. He told me, after using it, that it was a really good alternative to his daily wax.
And an other good aspect is that is has a refreshing taste.

And the best thing is that YOU CAN WIN THIS HAIRSPRAY!!
click -> here
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my brother "wearing" the hairspray


lapetiteblonde hat gesagt…
it´s great!
Eva hat gesagt…
Gut dass du eine Testperson hattest. Hab den Spray auch in meinem Bad, wusste aber nicht dass er für Männer ist. Danke für die Info :)

Liebe Grüsse Eva

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