Insider Tips for LONDON?!!

Now it less then a month until I'm going to London with my friend Fabiana. I'm so super excited!!

But first, have you any GOOD ADVICE for me?
What shouldn't I miss?
And what are the best Vintage shops or markets, clubs etc?


Thank you!
Love Sarah


Miss Independent hat gesagt…
have fun in london!!! should be really cold till then!
Pejd's Fashionblog hat gesagt…
Camden Market (gnueg geld mitneh ;)), Jamie Oliver's Italian, es Musical go luege und es Velo miete (chamer a jedem Egge)..

Viel Spass es isch echt hammer!! :D

Sabrina hat gesagt…
Schau mal auf meinen blog, war vor kurzem erst in london und hab auch einiges darüber geschrieben! Ich hab eine gute Gesamtübersicht von allem Vintage/Flomärkten :)
Jess hat gesagt…
There's an awful lot to do in London and you won't be able to everything you want to. (Just use it as an excuse to come back)

Personally, what I'd do is hop on a tour bus and tick off all the major sights. Then you can shortlist the ones you want to see in more detail.

And the markets in Covent Garden are wonderful. It's my favourite part of the city actually. It's been called a tourist trap but I think that's unfair, as I see just as many locals there as I do tourists.

And it really comes to life at Christmas. Mum and I booked into serviced apartments London in Covent Garden last December, just for a weekend and it felt like we'd had a week's holiday. You won't find a better atmosphere anywhere in London.
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