Knit Sweaters

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My favourite is the burgundy! I definitely have to get one for this fall. I like this color so much, I think it's the most important colour for Fall then there weren't just knits, there are also pants, scarfs bags and a lot more which are fashionable, too.

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Then I like the the detail of the white knit sweater which is shreadded in the end, it makes it more specialer.

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And this last one is Caroline from Carolines Mode, I nearly like every outfit of her. I think she represents the candinavian style pretty well. She combined the knit sweater with a vintage fur vest.


klepi hat gesagt…
very nice post :)
Miss Cortni hat gesagt…
i REALLY love the sweater! awesome post!

- <3
Vicky hat gesagt…
Uuuh. that shredded knit is so cool! xx

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Limasim hat gesagt…
i really love these looks <3
vintage process hat gesagt…
Nice pictures!! I love it!

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