New Yorker 'Summer Collection 2012'

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Summer Lookbook 2012 of New Yorker

I'm really impressed about some pieces because normally I don't like New Yorker that much.
But what does this collection make so special or what is tipical for it?
For sure the colours which shouldn't be leave out in summer then they make good mood.
Then my favourite piece is the bikni with the american print! I love this print so much, and you?
Do you love it as much as I do?
If not there are many other amazing prints like birds, strips or palms..
And what makes your summer outfit complet? ..for sure fashionable sunnies, which you will definitely find at New Yorker.
Now I think with this swimwear and acceccoires your are ready for summer! So sun come please and let us enjoy the summer!! :)

LOVE Sarah

P.S And just to mention the best thing: Everybody with little budget is allowed to buy this clothes!


Zoe Concepción hat gesagt…
I really love the first bikinI! Gorgeous!

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