Air France: Premium Voyageur

Have you seen the video? Are you wondering what is a premium voyageur? well, it's a flight class between economy and buisness class. You have more space for your legs and more silence. But what's the prize for it? Actually the prize difference from a normal economy voyageur to a premium voyageur depends on the flight destination, from 100€ to 150€. I think for long flights this is really worth!

For more information you can check the Air France homepage -> here

And what has this all to do with a fashionblog? Since I love travelling around the world and as I think a lot of other people, too (included fashionbloggers) this is a wonderful thing to know about.

I'm looking forward to go abroad for longer if I got my matura in June/July 2013. I can wait for it! I'm not sure if I first want to work or do an internship to get an idea what I want to do in my future, but then for sure travel. travel. travel!! :) And so if I have to do longer flights maybe I'll profit from the premium voyageur.


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