Paris, mon amour

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I can't tell you how happy I am (!), then last thursday my boyfriend and I had our first anniversary and he donated me a trip to Paris!! I can't believe that this dream will come ture. I've ever wanted to go there (also when I was single) with my boyfriend, since this is 'The Romantic City' for couples. I hope it's gonna be like in my head I'm thinking about it or even better.. :)
LOVE Sarah
P.S. Tomorrow I'm gonna check out Anna dello Russo's Collection for H&M at the showroom! So stay tuned. :)


Anonym hat gesagt…
Ohh ja Paris isch perfekt für Romantik (:
Und das mit de Schueh, sorry das ich erst etz zruckschriebe (: nei es sind nöd mini, aber ich find die sooo wunderschön und ich sueche etz überall ganz wissi Vans zums selber mache, muen die unbedingt ha (:
Anonym hat gesagt…
Ur english suuuuuucks
Anonym hat gesagt…
it really sucks....

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