new beginnings..

Hello Again!

Actually it was quite a while ago since my last blog post! 
A lot changed in my life.. I managed to finish highschool (Gymnasium) more than a year ago. Afterwards I worked for half a year to earn some money and to spend it all again while travelling in the United States and Central America. There I found my passion again and now I'm ready to start from scratch again! I want to share with you my passion for fashion, travel experciences and all what comes with it. And what I forgot: I'm now offically a STF student in Zurich - my goal is once to be a fashion buyer. :)

Love Sarah


Lola hat gesagt…
Hello Sarah

I'm veeery glad to hear something about you again! I've followed your blog for a long time and was a little bit disappointed because I liked the way you blogged and really missed your Posts.
When I saw on my Dashboard that you did a new post I was so excited! Thank you for beeing back again!

Lola :)

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